About us

  • Our company exists in the market continuously since 1981.
    History of previous years has forced us to use the name accepted by the political system. Thus, for many years the company name was 'Elektromechanika Chłodnicza Otwock'.
  • The name 'Chłodnictwo', however, reflects more the nature of our business.
  • Refrigeration is a comprehensive body of knowledge that recognizes in its scope a wide range of technical issues related to both the needs of agriculture, food industry and other branches.
  • We admit that the name 'Chłodnictwo' (’Cooling') doesn’t sound too commercial, but we want the company has not been associated with a catchy name often in foreign language, but primarily evoke the field of knowledge, the technical aspect of business solutions that 'Cooling' can achieve.
  • The company deals with many areas of refrigeration. Among them are those in which we are one of the leading companies in the country such as ripening of bananas, fruit and vegetable stores short-term and long-term controlled atmosphere (ULO) also refrigeration systems for supermarkets and hypermarkets, butchers.
  • The fact that we are not permanently tied to companies producing or supplying refrigeration equipment causes that we are not disrupted by having only a commercial approach to our solutions and we are open to every solution which is the best for specific circumstances.
  • Our performance can be compared to sewing clothes to measure. There are no patterns in it, only an individual approach to the problem and optimize the solution.
  • If you want an exciting and innovative solution, if you want to get detailed advice, if you want to have a good and efficient technical service – please contact us.
  • Cooling systems with direct evaporation of refrigerant and indirect cooling for commercial and industrial applications
  • Ripening of bananas, and multi-storey – in any system
  • Production of coolers for storage of fruits and vegetables ULO (special)
  • ULO controlled atmosphere systems and other
  • Buildings – supply and installation of complete storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Cold and freezing rooms
  • Logistics – facilities for agriculture and food industry.
  • warranty and post warranty service
  • Design profiles for activities mentioned above – technical assistance
  • In addition to the listed facilities, we equipped with cooling devices and/or cold-protective housing around 1,000 smaller storehouses of fruits and vegetables.